15 Long-distance relationship tips guaranteed to work.

There is no denying that a long-distance relationship is very hard to maintain. There are a lot of challenges you will face, that couples in a regular relationship don’t have to think of like when you are going to see each other again? how often you’ll meet? How often you’re going to communicate? But if you follow these 15 long-distance relationship tips, I can guarantee you will have a better relationship beyond your expectations.

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long-distance relationship tips

Do long-distance relationships work?

The big question. Let me first assure you that a long-distance relationship is very doable. There are plenty of couples who have done that before and many are doing right now with success. In some cases, LDRs can actually be more stable than geographically close relationships.

So, without any further ado, here are some long-distance relationship tips to make things easier for you throughout the journey.

1. Clear Up Expectations:

The first golden rule in a long-distance relationship is to set realistic and healthy expectations. Problems arise when things aren’t discussed. So, Both of you need to be clear with what you expect of each other during this long-distance relationship. For example, how often you’ll try to see each other (once a month? every two weeks?), Is it allowed to see other people? What do you want to achieve from this relationship?

So have a discussion with your partner and set all the ground rules, there shouldn’t be any unsaid rules.

2. Be dedicated to the relationship:

The next big thing in a long-distance relationship is dedication. You both need to be 100% dedicated to each other and should do whatever it takes to continue the relationship. If either of you is giving more effort than the other, it will not work well and will tear apart the relationship sooner or later.

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3. Nature trust in the relationship:

Trust is equally important, especially for a long-distance relationship. Always be open and honest with each other and don’t lie. Let your partner help and give you the support whenever you need it. If you can’t trust the person you want to be with, then be sure that the foundation of your relationship is very week.

long-distance relationship tips

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4. Communicate regularly but creatively:

This is a kind of approach to update your partner in your everyday life. Try to communicate creatively like sending good morning and goodnight texts, sending each other pictures, audio clips, short videos of your day to show how much you care. These little things will really make you feel connected even you’re a thousand miles apart.

5. Don’t communicate too excessively:

Do you really need to talk to your partner 24/7 just because you are apart? Please don’t. Excessive communication is not healthy and may be harmful to any relationship. Why not save some talk for when you actually want to talk? By doing this you’ll have a much more interesting conversation to look forward to the next time you talk.

Try to set a routine communication, that will not only give the relationship a sense of normality but also help you feel more connected.

6. Visit each other whenever possible:

Visits are the “Life Saver” of any long-distance relationship. Visit each other as often as you can. Not necessarily your visits have to be longer. In fact, shorter visits are much more romantic and meaningful.

couple visiting each other

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7. Make most of the time when you’re together:

After all those long days, months or probably year, you finally get to see each other, so try to maximize your time together. You can meet in a new place or travel to a new place together, try new foods, make a lot of kisses, do shopping together, hold hands wherever you go. These things will give you strength and something to look forward to whenever you’ll be apart again.

8. Plan your next date ahead:

Always plan your next date while you’re together. Never say goodbye without fixing when you’re going to meet again. This will make your leaving a lot easier and also you will get some positive energy to pass your days until you will meet again.

9. Have a goal set:

You can’t be in a long-distance relationship forever. Eventually, you need to settle in. You can’t allow the cloud of uncertainty to settle in your life. So, make some plans, organize some goals and work together to achieve those goals. Sit down and ask yourselves- what do we want to achieve from this relationship? What is our future? How long are we going to be apart?

These are the questions you both need to look for answers.

10. Make each other feel special:

Trust me, sometimes you can take some little steps that make big differences. You can send love letters, card, flowers, gifts or anything that have emotional value to your partner. The gifts may not be expensive or fancy. Do these little things to make yourselves crave for each other more.

long-distance relationship tips

11. Don’t assume:

Text can be misinterpreted more often and can lead to unnecessary fights. So, if the message is not clear, try to talk in detail about it with your partner. If you think the matter is more serious or sensitive, try to discuss it on video chat or wait until you meet each other.

12. Know Each Other’s Schedules:

This becomes extremely important when both of you live in different time zones. Be sure when your partner is busy and when he/she is free to avoid unwanted situations. After all, you don’t want your partner calling or texting you when you’re in the middle of any important work like class, exams, meetings, interviews, etc. You can easily avoid this kind of situation just by knowing each other’s schedule.

long-distance relationship tips

13. Do things together…apart:

Doing things together seriously helps to feel closer all the time. You can play any online games together, try to cook the same dish at the same time, read the same book or article, walk outside while video calling, watch the same movie together, etc. By doing these things together, you are creating some shared experiences even you’re miles apart.

14. Don’t compare your relationship with others:

Sometimes you might get frustrated by seeing couples around you-meeting every day, kissing, hugging and doing all things together. Doing so will only make your situation worse. You’ve to keep in mind that every relationship is unique. Instead of frustration, you should feel proud that you’ve found someone very special, and that is worth the distance.

15. Have a life outside of the relationship:

Don’t forget that you have a life, your family, and friends too. Don’t always allow your life to revolve around your partner. Enjoy your time with your family or friends, go out and create your own life. Get busy o other things, get a new hobby. There are plenty of things you can do that don’t involve your partner.

friends enjoying

Did you enjoy these long-distance relationship tips?

Well, this brings me to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed these long-distance relationship tips. For anyone on LDR, I hope these tips will make your relationship easier than ever. Long-distance relationships are always romantic and doable, you just need to inject some positive energies into it. I will hope you already found those positive energies too.

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