Love is a mystic word. It can make you happy or sad, it can make you zealous or jealous, angry or enthusiastic, it can make you sensuous or depressed. Sometimes it feels like the thrill and after a bit, you may feel the pain. Whatever the feeling it brings to your life, we can’t resist to embrace it with your heart melts down to the last. So, we can’t deny the fact that love is the most influential force in this world.

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People tend to say, “You never know when you’re going to fall in love?” Is it really?

But how do you know if you’re falling in love? Well, we don’t know when or, how people are going to fall in love. But, we sure do know when someone fell in that trap of eternal feelings.

Yeah, it’s a trap. It’s like you can’t get out of it, even if you’re trying hard to get out of it. Except people really like the feeling of trapped down in love. 

Now Let’s see 10 of the most scientifically proven signs which help us to know if someone is falling in love:

1. Constantly thinking about the beloved person:

If you are in love, you can’t stop thinking about your beloved person. Even in the most serious situation, you just keep thinking about him/her. Its like chased by a ghost. 

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2. You feel nervous in their presence & obviously feel the sensuousness when he/she touches you: 

Butterflies will be flying into your stomach when you see him/her. The bravest souls have also felt in the same way when they fell I love. And, if they touch you, my gosh! You know that right….. Your heart seems to run out of your heart.

3. You find yourself always talking about him or her: 

When a person falls in love, he/she just occupy your full mind instantly. You’ll find yourself talking about him/her all the time. At first, your friends start to notice that when you start talking about him/her. Then, it’s literally almost everyone starts to notice that something happens to you.

4. You can’t stop sneaking stares at him/her: 

When your beloved person is in the room or, nearby, you might feel shy to look directly in his/her eyes. But, obviously you would like to see him/her, so you start to sneaking stares at him/her when they’re not looking at you or, busy in some other works.

5. You miss them as soon as they leave:

Missing your beloved is normal. But, at the initial stage, you’ll miss him/her every single moment of your day. You’ll feel his/her absence right after he/she leaves.

6. You become very aware of your clothing or, appearance:

Obviously, you will try your best to attract his/her attention. So, you might get a lot conscious about your appearance. 

7. You try to be generous, humorous or, smart:

Yeah, for attracting the lover, you might start to show off a Lil bit. It’s common among the people. You’ll be much more generous or, gentle in front of her/him. You don’t want to do something stupid in their presence. You want to be the best guy/girl in his/her eyes.

8. You try to help him/her and want them to be happy:

You genuinely want them to be happy & don’t mind helping them obtain it. Immediately, it’ll become your first priority to sort out his/her problem.

9. You become Jealous if someone around gets his/her attention:

It’s maybe a little weird to say, but it usually does happens almost in every case of love. If someone gets more attention than you, you might feel the jealousy inside you. You want them to be only yours. 

10. You’ll start to think about the future with him/her:

You seem to start thinking about your future along with him/her. You might dream about a lovely family with Childs around you. It’s like you’ve become obsessive to him/her.

Apart from these, there are a lot of signs that you give the answer to- How do you know if you’re falling in love? A lot of other signs will become visible if anyone falls in love. Such as; you might suddenly become very much fond of poems &love songs. Your mode might get quirky. You may lose your appetite, having trouble to sleep, lose control over your emotions, etc.

Whatever it is, you’re in love, officially…. 🙂 

It’s now your challenge to get him/her mind attract to you. That’s another topic to be carried on… Anyway, until then enjoy the altitude of Love.  

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